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“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself” – Mathew Karsten

Travel is one of my true passions and the experiences I have had exploring new places have been some of the most treasured of my life. Those who know me best also know how much how much work I put into perfecting the itinerary for every trip. I agonize for days over questions such as “Is this really the best hotel?” or “Should I go to this restaurant for lunch or dinner?”. Usually, I check out a plethora of travel sites, travel forums, email friends and family, and scour random websites to try to figure out these questions before making reservations and solidifying plans. When I have gone through the 15th page of search results on google, I start to formulate an idea of what I want my vacation to look like. The struggle to do and see a lot of the place, while also getting time to relax and not feel like you are cramming sites and experiences in. Trying to figure out what is important to you and making the most out of your trip.

I understand that not everyone might enjoy or obsess over planning a trip as much as I do, but that doesn’t mean others don’t want to get the most out of their vacation. I love helping my friends and family with vacation advice when they go somewhere, and I want to try to extend that help to even more people. I created Path To Luxury as a way to help travellers book the absolute best trip possible through comprehensive travel guides. The name “luxury” does not necessarily mean “most expensive”, it means the best option possible. Sometimes the Michelin-starred restaurant is worth it, but many times the fish shack on the hidden beach is even better. These guides help you plan activities, hotels, meals, shopping, and nightlife, and they do so in a way that hopefully makes decisions easier and less research intensive. I also add in my guides which hotels are better for families, art lovers, couples or to let you know the atmosphere of each place so you can best pick what suits you. I want to take the guess work out of planning your perfect trip.

The first few guides have all been created by me, and I will be adding more as time goes on, but I also have asked for help from a few friends who love to travel as much as I do. If travel is your thing, then feel free to get in touch and create your own guide! This project has been really fun for me, and I hope reading the guides are just as enjoyable for you!

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