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{Club Monaco Brynn SkirtĀ }

This past weekend, I was in Linville North Carolina with some of my best friends having a fantastic mountain weekend!

Dirty Martini at BLT Prime

tuna tartare at BLT Prime

Porter House for Two at BLT Prime

{BLT Prime}

Last Week, James and I had a fantastic dinner at BLT Prime in Gramercy. Everything was amazing from start to finish. The popovers they bring out when you arrive are totally worth the cheating on the diet for. The tuna tartare was excellent, but rightfully so the best part of our meal was the Porter House for Two.

{While in Charlotte, North Carolina went to the incredibly curated store Capitol}

artisanal restaurant banner elk

Linville, NC




{Linville, NC}

Union Square Green Market

Union Square Green Market

{Wednesday at the Union Square Green Market}
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