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Bar Cart Styling | what sarah knows

New Year, new bar cart style! I love doing small updates and changes in my apartment to give it a fresh feel. I have fun changing up the coffee table books and accessories, revamping my bedside table and most of all mixing it up on the bar cart. I wanted to showcase a few Christmas presents and add a little pop of color to contrast the winter weather. The Moser Shotglass Set (on the top left) were an amazing Christmas present from my parents. My parents also gave me the beautiful Sferra Cocktail Napkins that come in an incredible array of colors. While in Charleston, I found the fun Sabre Bottle Opener which I knew would be a great addition to the bar. I have long admired Carl Rotter tumblers – my grandparents and parents have always owned them and I was fortunate to start my own collection a few years ago. I love all the fun colors and styles of the Carl Rotter glasses.

I also have to let you know that My Drap is the most genius company – a very stylish and affordable alternative to paper napkins. They have great colors for cocktail napkins, placemats and regular napkins in both cotton and linen. I got some of their cocktail napkins for Christmas and I can’t wait to use them when I have a party!

{My favorite Carl Rotter glasses in green | House Beautiful}

Bar Cart | what sarah knows

{Bar Cart}

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