Be Nice

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Last week I was having one of those days. Three days of gloomy weather and rain left me feeling sluggish and tired. I was just going through the motions of my day when two strangers totally turned it around. It started with a women at the grocery store stopping me to tell me how much she loved my sweater and how great to color looked on me. A smile and a compliment from a stranger in a grocery store in New York made me totally forget about my case of the Wednesdays. Then the following day while leaving Modo Yoga, a women in the class commented on how great my handstand was. Well, let me tell you this is about the best compliment anyone could have given me because I am constantly practicing handstands and attempting to get better! Two compliments from strangers were so impactful that a week later, while stuck in bed with a cold it made me smile. Pretty incredible how powerful a nice compliment from a stranger is, and my goal is to pay it forward. Be nice to people around you, as it doesn’t take much and can vastly improve someones day!

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