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Vintner’s Daughter | Tata Harpers Hydrating Floral Essence | Charcoal Mask | OSEA

Being pregnant you are a lot more careful and aware of what you put in (and on) your body. Upon learning I was pregnant, I cleaned up my beauty routine. I have discovered products that I really love and will continue to use post pregnancy.  I am currently on my third bottle of Vintner’s Daughter and use it every night before bed. I had just started using this at night before getting pregnant and it has been such a game changer in my skincare routine, honestly, my skin has never looked better. This product solves skin issues you didn’t realize you had until you started using it and realized how healthy, glowy and gorgeous your skin could look!  Read the story behind the serum here and learn how this product has become a must for anyone wanting lust-worthy glowing skin. I also feel like using the charcoal mask once or twice a week has also helped keep my skin clear. I also have been using Tata Harper’s masks, but not every week like I do the charcoal. I really like her Clarifying mask and the Purifying Mask.

Elta MD | Supergoop | Colorscience Sunforgettable

I put the Elta MD tinted sunblock on every morning without fail, and I love the lightweight texture. This sunblock feels great on my skin and has not caused any breakouts, which has me actually applying this to my face every damn day. I keep the Colorscience brush in my bag and will swipe over my face during the day if it every feels like I am getting too much sun.

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

In the Summer, and honestly year round, I am all about easy minimal beauty. This product is all you need for beautiful glowing skin. In the morning, I will just put this on and my skin looks and feels wonderful – added bonus it has SPF! I am all about the light weight dewy finish of this product, that enhances your skin but makes it look like you don’t have anythign on.

OSEA | COCO (Coconut Oil from Santo Cabo) | Tata Harper | Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil | Tummy Rub Butter

In order to avoid (or minimize) stretch marks, I have really thrown everything at the potential problem. I lather my stomach up in these incredible smelling and thus far (33 weeks) effective oils and lotions. I really love all these products, but am on my second bottle of the OSEA  and both Mama Mio products. I find the Tata Harper smells amazing and is incredibly soothing to apply, it seriously helps me relax. The coconut oil is great, absorbs quickly, smells like Summer and has me dreaming of the days I can enjoy a pina colada on the beach.I use all these products in the morning, after a shower, before bed, really anytime I remember to slather them on. Time will tell how I fare on the stretch marks front, but I can say that I have escaped having an itchy belly because I had been so diligent about keeping my stomach moisturized.

Dr Sturm Cleanser

I love this gentle cleanser, which leaves my face feeling clean but not dry and stripped. I use this at night, in the morning I simply wash with cool water.

Schmidt’s Deodorant 

I actually have only used this natural deodorant for the latter part of my pregnancy because until recently I hadn’t found a good natural deodorant that worked for me. So the majority of my pregnancy it was normal drug store brands but since discovering this I am using it exclusively and in the Summer to boot. It smells amazing and really does an incredible job, I highly recommend checking it out if you have been wanting to make the switch the natural deodorant.

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