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Ceci Cela Croissant

{Best Croissant from Ceci Cela}

James, Bella and I really love to split a croissant with our coffee on the weekends. James and Bella are the more avid croissant lovers, but I have to admit a really soft buttery croissant is second to none. Usually that croissant is coming from Jack’s, our favorite neighborhood coffee spot, which gets their pastries from Balthazar Bakery. These are good, but if you are looking for the very best croissant NYC has to offer, you need to head to Ceci Cela in Soho. Words escape me to describe these sinfully delicious soft buttery treats. Some weekend mornings when we are feeling a little indulgent, nothing is better than walking down to Soho and picking one up. I like to tell myself that walking there and back makes up for (in part) the indulgence.

The reason I feel I can tell you with some authority that this is the best croissant in the city is because last fall James and I put together a list of top contenders and went about testing them all over the course of a few weekends. It was a hard task but somebody had to do it. We had a blast walking all over the city to have a little croissant and pretend we were food writers. We tried a lot of great places, but agreed that Ceci Cela is the best! That being said here are some other delicious patisseries worth pointing out –  Francois Payard Bakery, Petrossian, Pain au Chocolat at Patisserie Claudes, Bouchon Bakery, and my neighborhood staple Bonsignour.

Ceci Cela

Ceci Cela

Ceci Cela

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