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La Bonbonniere | Best Diner NYC

Wherever I have lived in NYC, I have always scooped out the best diner in the neighborhood. While living on the Upper East Side, I used to frequent Viand and now as a West Village resident I love La Bonbonniere.┬áThis place isn’t going to win any awards for decor & probably hasn’t been updated in decades, but it is a totally lovable dump. Based on all the photos on the wall, I am assuming this is also a favorite haunt of many celebrities in the neighborhood. The staff is quick and efficient and the food is cheap and delicious. One of the standouts of this diner is its prime outdoor seating.

Last Saturday the temperatures were warm enough to brave the outdoor seating, which come Spring is one of my favorite people watching venues! This is a charming West Village icon with the food and old school feel being the main star. They have the most incredible Challah French Toast, it is the best I have ever had and I highly recommend getting it with a side of their bacon, which is perfection! Also, if you are craving and old school milkshakes look no further. Cash only and greasy spoon perfection!

la bonbonniere diner



challah french toast

{Challah French Toast at La Bonbonniere}

Cheddar Cheese Omelet with order of Bacon

{Cheddar Cheese Omelet with Bacon}

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