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On Saturday, I came down with a stomach virus. The timing of which was less than ideal with my mom visiting. It being the Holiday season, we had dinners, shopping and parties planned and I mean it was the weekend! Not exactly the weekend I had in mind if you read my last post. The worst of it seems to be behind me, and I am hopeful that today I can start eating foods and not just my current diet of liquids (ice chips, ginger ale and Pedialyte popsicles). I have big plans for some chicken broth today for lunch! Maybe get crazy at dinner and have chicken broth with noodles.

My mom and my boyfriend were the best nurses to me, and I learned a few new tricks for when you are sick. It seems every family has their “secret remedies”. Ginger ale, ice chips and chicken broth have always been in my repertoire, but this weekend I was looking for anything to help! James shared his family cure of flat lemonade (flat sprite), which I found to be helpful. Many years ago a woman at the doctors office shared with my mom her secret of pear juice as a way to coat and settle an upset stomach (the syrup from the canned pears). As a result I always keep canned pears in my pantry.

Yesterday I learned of another remedy – bitters and soda. Yes, Angostura bitters and soda water – desperate times and I was willing to try anything and well this was amazing! A little googling showed me I am WAY behind the curve and that this remedy that has been around for a long time!

Do y’all have any family cures?

I hope you all have a great week filled with Holiday cheer and most importantly, your health!

Anthropologie S cup

{Lunch of Champions – chicken broth in my S cup from Anthropologie}

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