Black & White in Tuscany

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I have been traveling to warm destination recently and it reminded me it’s time to get a new pair of white jeans. The unseasonably warm weather, which I’m loving, also has me hoping that summer and white jean season is right around the corner. Is is just me or do you pretty much destroy a pair of white jeans by the end of the summer? I wear them all the time, which obviously wears them down and I inevitably spill on them or sit in something… I honestly can’t be trusted not to spill when wearing white. These J Brand white jeans, I have been buying year after year for the last five years, and I (obviously) think they are amazing (especially for someone under 5’4)! The capri length is perfect for anyone shorter, I do not have to alter, I also adore the light material of the jean and the bright white color. When you are traveling, it’s great to bring basics that you can wear again and again and style (slightly) differently – a good black t-shirt and white jeans are always good basics to have. The four pairs of white jeans below are by far my favorite white jeans I have ever worn. I have been fighting a cold all week and being cooped up inside has me dreaming of traveling, and the very top of my list is to go back to Tuscany and stay again at Borgo Santo Pietro!

My Favorite White Jeans

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