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Reading books provides a great source of happiness in my life, and I love to share my favorite novels with friends and family.  When I decide to recommend a book I enjoy to someone that I love, I make a huge effort to ensure that the book will fit their personality. When writing this post, I didn’t even know where to begin at first. I have read so many incredible books over the years and as all readers have my personal favorites or the books you revisit time and time again. There are those books which are perfect for vacation and long flights that you can’t seem to put down (I am Pilgrim) and also those stories that stay with you long after you have finished them (Lords of Discipline). I have always been a huge reader and I tend to devour at least a few books a month. The types of novels I read run the gamut from a “whodunit”, to historical fiction, to a fluffy beach read. I read year-round, but there is nothing like sitting on the beach with a fantastic book. Here, are some of my favorite books that I recommend again and again to friends and I haven’t received a complaint yet! I am sure that I am forgetting a few, but here is a good start for anyone looking for a new book to read. I just read, Don’t You Cry, in Cabo and it was a great fast paced read that had me guessing the whole time. I promise you won’t be able to put the book down until you figure everything out. This is a darker novel, similar to the book The Girl on a Train. I also recently discovered Susanna Kearsley and am currently unable to put down any of her books including The Rose Garden that I am captivated by. I just ordered three more of her books, so that I will have another to read once I am done with this one! What are some of your favorite books?

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