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Roberta's Pizza, Brooklyn

Do you ever feel sometimes that tourists experience where you live better than you do? When I am a tourist visiting a city I research the restaurants, the areas, the sites and I want to see it all. I will walk all day and explore as much as humanly possible. Sadly, in NYC I do not always take advantage of what is around me (I don’t want to embarrass myself by sharing the last time I went to a Broadway Show). I get stuck in my neighborhood more than I care to admit. James and I decided last weekend that we would not eat in a familiar restaurant or do anything routine. What better place than Brooklyn to try something new? We jumped on the L with no plans but to be adventurous tourists in our own city. The experience was better than what we ever imagined.

Cocktails at Battery Harris in Brooklyn

{Our cocktails at Battery Harris in Williamsburg | Love the fun beach-y decor and all the outdoor seating at this oasis in Brooklyn}

First we went to the Battery Harris where we had insane cocktails. The drinks that we tried were top notch and they also have an impressive draft beer selection. Very cool spot and you really can’t beat the outdoor seating.

Dark & Stormy Slushie at Battery Harris

{A Dark and Stormy Slushy | Seriously, go there and order this drink and then you will be like Sarah Knows A LOT … }

Battery Harris in Brooklyn

ribs at battery harris



Battery Harris for cocktails is a total win and I am so happy to have stumbled upon this place and am already planning my next trip. The drinks were delicious and strong and the outdoor vibe was excellent. After drinks, we decided that we finally need to check out Roberta’s in Bushwick and keep the perfect evening on course.

Roberta's Pizza

Roberta’s was all that I was hoping for and more. Bushwick is interesting and felt like I was traveling back in time with lots of graffiti guiding the way. I have to say, James and I felt very cool as we got off the L train and headed to Roberta’s for pizza and beer, a pretty killer combination in my mind. The food delivered on all accounts and the outdoor picnic tables and bar were so much fun that we stayed well after our dinner was over to be outside and take in the perfect summer scene.

salad at Roberta's in Brooklyn

Let’s be clear I am under no delusions that this is a healthy salad but holy crap was it good. I had to fight James for those Candied Walnuts.

bee sting  pizza at roberta's

I will leave you with this perfect picture – The Bee Sting Pizza at Roberta’s that is life altering good. Word of warning is the Bee Sting definitely packs a punch – the heat on this thing is perfect in my mind. Roberta’s has truly perfected the art of the pizza crust, I am serious this is the best crust I have ever had! This place is worth traveling for!

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