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Fallen Apple Cocktail

How amazing is it when two of your favorite things come together? Fall is my favorite time of year and I am a huge fan of cocktails, so nothing beats a great fall inspired drink. Fallen Apple is a smooth, delicious, easy drinking beverage that tastes like Autumn in a glass. This cocktail was inspired by my Saturday visit to the Union Square Greenmarket, where I bought fresh apple cider, apples and lavender honey.

Fallen Apple | Bourbon Cocktail

fall bourbon cocktail | whatsarahknows

fallen apple | whatsarahknows

Union Square Greenmarket | whatsarahknows

Fallen Apple Cocktail

2 oz Bourbon
2 oz Apple Cider
1 tbsp Honey Syrup
apple slice for garnish
dash of cinnamon



This recipe makes one cocktail. To make the honey syrup combine equal parts honey and water (I did 3 tablespoons of each) and whisk together on stove for about 2 minutes or until combined. Let cool. In a shaker add ice, bourbon, apple cider, honey syrup and dash of cinnamon. Shake like Crazy and pour into a glass! I think this cocktail looks festive and elegant served in a Riedel Champagne glass. What is great about this drink is if you are looking for more kick, just add a little more bourbon to the mix. The components are all there for you to adapt to how you like your drink to taste. Cheers!

Fallen Apple Cocktail

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