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The Boykin Rose Specialty Cocktail

I love making cocktails, especially ones that are quick and easy to create (no infusing or rare and obscure ingredients). This is a universally appealing cocktail (vodka), and I haven’t met a person who hasn’t loved it! The Boykin Rose Special is named after my dad because, while this isn’t the cocktail I would associate with him (Gin Martini), it is a drink he created and is very fond of ordering when out to dinner in the Spring and Summer. A surprisingly large handful of restaurants in Charleston and Northeast Harbor would know what to make if you asked for the Boykin Rose cocktail. Vodka based, with a touch of sweetness from the St. Germain and a little lime juice and mint freshness – it’s delightful and delightfully easy to drink (be warned)! It definitely packs a punch, because who wants or likes a weak drink? You can adjust the St. Germain depending on how sweet you like your drinks. I usually shy away from cocktails I perceive to be sweet, but this one definitely isn’t overly sweet and is so enjoyable – I dare you to have just one!what sarah knows  | the boykin rose specialBRS {Boykin Rose Special} | Cocktail



2 Parts Vodka
1 Part St. Germain
Squeeze the juice of 1 Lime
Fresh Mint, chopped


So simple – Add the juice of 1 lime and some chopped fresh mint to a martini shaker with the Vodka, St. Germain and some ice. Shake shake shake!


Also, this is a really great drink to make for a big group! You can easily prepare it ahead of time and keep it cold (no need to shake simply stir and place in the fridge). Simple do 1 cup of Vodka and 1/2 cup of St. Germain and add in some chopped mint and fresh squeezed lime juice. Keep this is the freezer till you are ready to serve! An easy way to have an amazing cocktail for a big group and your friends will love you for it!

whatsarahknows \\ BRS {Boykin Rose Special} Cocktail

BRS {Boykin Rose Special} | Cocktail

BRS {Boykin Rose Special} | Cocktail

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