Dining in St. Barths

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Dining St. Barths

Happy Monday, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I was in Charleston and it was so lovely, hard to be back to reality today. I wanted to share a dining guide for St. Barths, my favorite place on earth. It is one of the most magical places and my favorite aspect of St. Barths is the long rosé fueled lunches followed by an afternoon spent on one of the many gorgeous beaches there.  I’m all about the lunches,  I booked a lunch for every day while we were there and kept dinner more casual and up in the air. Usually, I am a dinner oriented person but here a leisurely lunch in a picture perfect surronding with rosé flowing is heaven. After a boozy lunch hitting the beach for the afternoon is the best! Restaurants tend to change a little from year to year, but there are always some favorites, I have always returned to. Here is my list for SB 2015.


La Plage St. Barths  / whatsarahknows

La Plage : Always a favorite and probably the favorite for this trip! Fun, delicious, with amazing views, and your sitting right on the beach! We went twice while we were there. On the weekends more of a scene with a DJ, fashion show and a totally fun atmosphere.The drinks here are FANTASTIC!


Nikki Beach St. Barths  // whatsarahknows

Nikki Beach: A scene, very fun, and expensive. Go on a Saturday or Sunday to get the total effect with DJ, dancing, fashion show and a great time! They also do a lot of theme nights here and again right on the beach. Perfect place to spend celebrate a beautiful afternoon in St. Barths.


Mango at Hotel Christopher St. Barths // whatsarahknows

Mango at Hotel Christopher: Stunning hotel! I loved the orange pop at this hotel and we had an insane view as we enjoyed our lunch. We had a great meal here with our feet in the sand and a more low key vibe. I think Point Milou is an one of the best parts of the island and this hotel is a true gem. I think if I were to stay at a hotel in St. Barths this is the one I would look at first! Here is my Instagram of their pool situation – sigh take me back!


L'esprit de saline // whatsarahknows

L’Esprit de Saline: Perfection, the food, the setting and the people here are lovely. Charming spot to have a long lunch in a cute garden next to Saline beach. I highly recommend a long lunch here followed by the afternoon spent playing in the waves at Saline. Also, great for dinner and a very romantic restaurant. (Saline was James favorite beach)


La Casa d'isle st barths // isle de france

La Case De l’Isle at Hotel Isle de France: Beautiful setting, see top photograph for a beachside lunch. They also have a restaurant right on the beach. This has always been a must stop when I am in St. Barths. Though it is pricey and the food isn’t as great as other places you can use their beach chairs once you have had lunch which is a HUGE bonus. This is one of my favorite beaches, I love to go in the afternoon and you can get food and drink delivered to you which is pretty fantastic.


Tamarin: Great fresh local cuisine under the shade of a tamarind tree. Also, great for dinner. Gorgeous setting – a must!



Black Ginger: Located in the heart of Gustavia this authentic Thai restaurant is a great new addition to St. Barths. We had one of our best meals here, a true gem with incredible decor! Highly recommend


Eddy’s Restaurant: Great atmosphere in a picturesque garden with amazing service and food! Love this place, also a must visit for dinner. Very romantic garden setting!



L’Entracte: Fantastic local spot known for their delicious pizza’s and calzones. They also have other french fusion items. This restaurant is located right on the harbor and perfect spot for an easy fun dinner.


Le Ti: Totally over the top and amazing! Set on Pointe-Milou be prepared to party and enjoy the wild ride. We went on a Friday night and had a blast, you aren’t going for the food though it isn’t bad, you’re going for the crazy fun experience.


Eden Rock St. Barths // dining

On the Rocks at Eden Rock Hotel: Dramatic views and a stunning setting. We dined here on our first night and it was truly special and the perfect welcome to the island. I would also highly recommend this spot for drinks, then you get the views the cocktails and don’t have to fork over a ton of cash for a very expensive meal.


Andy’s Hideaway: Good low key night, they have pizza. We went on a night we needed to hit recharge and had a fun easy and inexpensive evening.



Do Brazil: Sunset Cocktails locate on Shell Beach

Le Sereno: We went late afternoon for a Planters Punch and just relaxed on a beach chair and watched all the windsurfers and kite boarders doing their thing.

Baz Bar: Live music harbor side

Shrimp Skewers at La Plage

{Shrimp Skewers at La Plage}

Lobster Pasta at La Plage

{Lobster Pasta at La Plage | James had this twice – it was that insanely good}

La Plage

La Plage


441A1975{La Plage}

La Plage St. Barths

La Plage St. Barths


La Plage St Barths{L’Esprit de Saline | Appetizers and Entrees}

Le Ti St. Barths {James and I at Le Ti}whatsarahknows{Isle de France}Eden Rock

{Eden Rock}

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