Dolce & Gabbana in Positano

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Dolce & Gabbana in Positano | whatsarahknowsPositano Style whatsarahknows

positano | whatsarahknows

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D & G in Positano Dolce & Gabbana in Positano | whatsarahknowsDolce & Gabbana in Positano | whatsarahknows

positano | whatsarahknows

positano | whatsarahknows


il san pietro di positano | whatsarahknows

Scroll Print Dress | Chaos Sandel  

I splurged on this dress as a birthday present to myself back in August and bought it knowing it would be perfect to wear on our honeymoon in Italy. This dress was made for Positano and the cotton fabric is the perfect mix of elegant, feminine and casual. Light and breezy, the dress seamlessly works for both day or night and it will be added as a timeless classic to my wardrobe. What I didn’t know before I bought the dress, was that Il San Pietro would have such a beautiful terrace with Murals that seemed to be made to match my look! I had a lovely evening that started with champagne watching the sunset, and then headed to dinner at La Sponda at Le Sirenuse where I was extremely careful not to spill!

To compliment such a beautiful outfit, I wore these white sandals, which were actually my wedding shoe. I am so happy I chose these for my wedding, because I have worn them all summer long.

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