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Ostwald Helgason, Suno, Bottega Veneta

Ostwald Helgason, Suno

Ostwald Helgason, bottega veneta, cartier


Why is it when you are on a mission looking for say a party dress you can’t find anything, but when you aren’t looking and shouldn’t buy anything you find “that must have” item? This  Ostwald Helgason skirt was that purchase for me. I found and gave this skirt a new home last month and have been looking for the perfect opportunity to wear it. The perfect occasion arose on Tuesday with temperatures in the high 60s and a cocktail party that evening! I know this skirt can pair with many different tops and offer a lot of looks but for its maiden voyage I went for a little edgy! This was my first time wearing a crop top and while I was slightly aware of my midriff at first and self conscience, I quickly forgot about that because it was amazing not to adjust/fiddle with an awkward tuck in situation. I love this skirt and can’t wait to wear it again and even though it is a unique statement skirt I think every time I can give it a slightly different feel.

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Top: Suno Cropped Tank  Skirt: Ostwald Helgason  Shoes: Jimmy Choo (old but similar)  Bag: Bottega Veneta (old but similar)  Bracelet: Cartier  Earrings: Oscar de la Renta Bead Tassle Earrings 


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