Eating and Drinking in Charleston

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Moscow Mule at Rarebit

{Moscow Mule at The Rarebit}

Oysters at the Ordinary

{Oysters at the Ordinary}

Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos | Sesame Burger and Beer

{Fish Tacos at Sesame Burger & Beer}

I was lucky enough to spend almost a month in Charleston over the Holidays and while I was home I did a pretty good job of eating and drinking around the city. I returned to some old favorites, but also tried some new spots that I instantly loved. Charleston really has become a food town with an incredible variety of cuisine.

The Lot – If you love food you need to check this place out. The atmosphere leaves a bit to be desired, basically picnic tables inside, but the food was outrageously good! Getting there involved a cab since it is on James Island and we planned on enjoying some of their delicious cocktails – but totally worth the trip.

The Ordinary – Oyster lovers paradise or really seafood lovers paradise. The place in town to get great seafood – the fish schnitzel is one of the best things I have ever had! This is a fun lively scene and a must for me when I am in town. They had some uni specials when I was there last that are worth checking out if your an uni lover like myself.

Basil – I will forever love this spot. Their fresh basil rolls are beyond compare, and I have yet to find a thai place in NYC that holds a candle to them. I really like to go for lunch or do takeout at night.

Oak Steakhouse – James says he had the best short rib of his life here, and I have never seen him turn down short rib when its on the menu, so that’s saying something! The food here is constantly at the top of its game  and I recommend getting a booth up front if possible. This is a beautiful restaurant, with a great location, great service and top notch food.

Sesame Burger and Beer – This is a weird one for my list, and I surprised myself with how much I really like this place. Not downtown so I wouldn’t recommend it for visitors, unless you are a beer lover (then go!), but this is solid restaurant. They are serving some of the best mahi-mahi fish tacos I have ever had, and they have great salads too. Guessing by the name I bet their burgers are good too, but I didn’t have one so I can’t confirm.

The Macintosh – I love the atmosphere and vibe of this spot and with the cocktail club upstairs you can plan your whole evening here. The deckle is incredible and I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t swoon over it! I went for Brunch while home this time and it was excellent. Great food, great service, great drinks – what more could you want?

Fig – The ambience isn’t great but the food, seasonally inspired local cuisine, is incredible! I seriously have never had a bad meal here and I think this is the restaurant that put Charleston on the food map. Whenever people ask me where to go eat in Charleston, Fig is my first answer.

Peninsula Grill – The menu never changes but the food is always good and it will forever be a special occasion spot in Charleston for me. I would say this is the fancy Charleston restaurant serving top notch food in an elegant environment. They serve brunch which is a local secret. (We go every Christmas Eve)

SNOB (Slightly North of Broad) – is a great Charleston restaurant and I highly recommend it for lunch and dinner! It is a classic that never goes out of style though its not as “hip” as other restaurants on the list. It’s sister restaurant, High Cotton is also serving up great food! They both have great southern food and are in excellent location in downtown Charleston.

Monza – Great Pizza!

Two Boroughs Larder – Great high quality food in a cool very relaxed atmosphere. I like to go here for lunch and dinner.


The Rarebit – Go and get a Moscow Mule – great bar!

Closed for Business – Excellent spot with an incredible selection of beers on tap! Right next door to Monza so great place to stop before or after you have some pizza.

The Gin Joint – Great spot for a Cocktail – love going in warmer weather and sitting outside.

Bar at Husk – This is a hard to beat spot ambience wise for grabbing a drink. If you are a bourbon lover, they have one of if not the best selection in town.

The Cocktail Club – Great drinks and its located right above the Macintosh.

The Blind Tiger Pub – The outdoor area in the back is so cool, not to be a dork, but I think it is incredible and amazing. A little historic oasis in the middle of the city.

{Dying to Try}

 Zero George – has anyone been? That is on my list next time I am in town.

{Where not to go}

Husk – Whoever does their publicity is fabulous but it is not worth the hype. Went when they first opened hated it, went last weekend and had an awful meal. Actually had an inedible burger – I didn’t know such a thing existed… The food was so salty and the service was so pretentious. The pimento cheese to start wasn’t bad but everything else was not good. Side note – the bar at Husk is great for a drink.

Hyman’s Seafood – Tourist trap with bad seafood.

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