Fall Favorites

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Candle | Flats | Earrings | Cookbook | Blouse (also in white) | Purse | Starry Night Blouse | Lip Treatment | Corduroy Skirt | Mascara | Suede Skirt (more colors) | Purse ($100) | Pumps | Hair Product | UmbrellaSilk Top

What happened? I swear it was 70 degrees last week and we were enjoying an Indian Summer and this week, boom, it’s 40 degrees and Winter is coming. Where are the Fall days filled with 60-degree weather? This temperature shift caught me and my closet off guard, I still had all my Summer clothing hanging up and my scarves and sweater were packed away under my bed. For the two days it took me to organize and switch everything out, our apartment looked like a clothing bomb had gone off and then a hurricane had swept in and thrown everything around. Besides the mess, it was a relief to go through clothing that I had been harboring since college and hadn’t been worn in years and finally donated it. Two large bags donated and a clean closet has me feeling like I can conquer anything, bring on the kitchen pantry and the storage unit. The one problem with making more room in my closet was the immediate desire to refill it with fabulous new things…Though after taking the time to declutter, I need to not just replenish with “junk”. I want to take time and think before I purchase something, is this something I really need and will get a lot of use out of – rather than an impulse buy. Stay tuned on that front, while I try to stay strong!

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