Fall Wardrobe Classics

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Fall Classics | whatsarahknows

Hat | Moisturizer (the only one I use) | Earings | Tote | Sweater | Dress | Leather Pleated Skirt (under $100) | Coat (in many fantastic colors) | Jeans | Eye Shadow | Blazer | Loafers (lots of fun colors) | Belt | Weekender BagAnkle Boots

I love Fall and Fall clothing, it has always my favorite season style-wise. I also love this season because it is easy to be stylish with just a few classic staples. This time of year is all about layers and a few simple pieces make for a lot of stylish outfits. A pair of jeans you love, a good knit sweater, hat, scarf, jacket, bag and a pair of boots or flats and your set.

I really want this jacket, but I am totally torn between the gray, green and white color. I had lunch with one of my best friends yesterday and she introduced me to M. GEMI and I am so glad she did because I love these shoes and the price is great! On my list for Fall, is this fantastic quilted jacket which is a total classic at a great price and will be perfect for years to come. Also, nothing more classic than this Barbour Jacket. I recently found this incredible suede skirt for under $100 dollars and it comes in a few great colors, totally perfect for fall. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

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