Falling for Paris

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Sandro Paris | whatsarahknows | Fall in Parisfall in paris / sandro paris / whatsarahknowsfall in paris / sandro paris / whatsarahknowsfall in paris / sandro paris / whatsarahknows

le jardin des tuileries | whatsarahknows

 Jardin des Tuileries

Ritz Paris | whatsarahknows

Place Vendôme Paris


Place Vendôme Paris | whatsarahknows

Dress  //  Sunglasses  //  Shoes  //  Lipstick (vixen red)

I love Paris. I love a city that you can walk around for hours taking in the beauty of the place and discovering it for yourself. To aimlessly wander and explore is such a relaxing pace for vacation and one that I do not usually follow. Luckily, my husband and I have both spent a good amount of time in Paris over the years and we didn’t feel the pressure to try to squeeze in the top attractions or jam pack a day trying to see it all. On my next vacation even if it is somewhere new, I am going to try and follow this same model because it is so lovely. I was walking down Bleecker Street and saw this dress in the window a few days before I was set to leave and knew it would be perfect for our trip. I am always a fan of a great dress you can wear all day and into the night. I also think it will be perfect in when the temperature dips with booties and a leather jacket. Stay tuned because I have a lot more coming on our incredible adventure in France!

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