Fifth Avenue Escape from the Rain

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Bella at the Strand on Fifth

Last week I found myself caught in a rainstorm in front of the new Club Monaco Store which was an ideal spot to wait out the storm. The Club Monaco Store on Lower Fifth is gorgeous, but also boasts a bookstore operated by The Strand and an outpost of Toby’s Estate coffee. Coffee, shopping and a bookstore all rolled into one – I was happy to duck in here for a bit. Bella is a fantastic shopper, 1) because I started her young and 2) because most stores in NYC ingeniously have dog treats on hand. This means sometimes Bella is actually pulling me into stores (twist my arm). Bella and I did a little shopping, then grabbed a coffee and checked out some of the books.

The Strand Bookstore is located in the Village and it is a book lovers paradise with 18 miles of books! If you love books as much as I do, you definitely need to visit The Strand. They even sell books by the foot if you need bookshelves to fill. I rarely walk out of a bookstore empty handed and this was no exception. Mapping Manhattan A Love (and sometimes Hate) Story in Maps, The Drunken Botanist, and Goodbye to All That writers on Loving and Leaving New York are now happily residing on my bookshelf at home.

Also, sorry for the delay in posting and lack of posts. These last two weeks have been crazy busy and my computer was being held hostage by James, who needed it for work while his was getting repaired.

Bella in Club Monaco


{Bella always positions herself this way when shopping! Body in the dressing room head peaking out observing all thats going on}

The Strand in Club Monaco The Strand on Lower Fifth

Toby's Estate Coffee

Shop my current favorites at Club Monaco

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