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sweet dreams

Now that Fall and the cooler weather has officially arrived – I love getting into bed and under the sheets after a long chilly autumn day! That being said, I am also obsessed with my bedroom (Thank you Nina and Christina Murphy), and it is truly my happy place, and I will find any excuse to spend time there. Here are some things that I have found make a bedroom even more inviting.

Fresh cut flowers (really anywhere in your apartment but especially) next to my bed always makes me happy! Part of my cure for the Mondays is to buy some flowers on my way home and place them around my apartment. I always make sure that some pretty flowers end up next to my bed. An exceptional bathrobe (that fits well) is hard to find (trust me on this). As much as I love the idea of a big hotel style robe, I find that, for a smaller girl, they are just way to big (the sleeves are particularly annoying). The Zinkie Delphine Robe from Journelle is perfect – silky and looks great on too. I love to slip on a robe after a shower when I am getting ready for my day or night. This robe is the perfect weight for when you are getting ready, blow drying your hair, or walking around your apartment (or home).

For getting into bed at night, weekend mornings, or snuggling up on the sofa after a long day pajamas are a must for me. Putting on a pair of my pajamas instantly makes me feel relaxed and cozy. I love eberjay pajamas, and I find these to be perfect for fall (lots of fun colors available too).

I always have Kai Room and Linen Spray next to my bed – one or two sprays will make your bed even more inviting. I think it really helps freshen up your sheets between washes. I do have thick roman shades that are lined, so they keep out most of the city light, but sometimes my boyfriend will be reading, working, writing emails or watching TV when I am ready for bed – the answer an eye mask. I love the one above from Journelle (I think you can tell how much I love the store).

Sweet Dreams!

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