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Okay, I am only kind of kidding here, but seriously January is my least favorite month. In NYC its cold, still dark way too early and did I say cold? That being said I think January also provides a good opportunity to get the year off on the best possible start, no one said hard work was easy…

Even though I am not loving January, I have to say I feel pretty damn good – it is amazing how you great you feel when you don’t drink alcohol or eat carbs and flush your system with water and green juice (and we are only 8 days in!). I mean its no way to live… but I can do it for at least a couple of weeks into the New Year. I think of the beginning of January as a time to hit the reset button and feel good (oh and hey look good). Here are some of my January “Keys to Success”:

1. Water – water, water and more water!

2. Baths – Obviously they help warm me up, but they are also so relaxing and happy! My favorite CAP Beauty in the West Village has some great Detox baths to help you feel good on the inside and out. Check out this article from Elle about the Digital Detox Bath; ps I can safely report I loved the bath!

Favorite Baths: Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath ( on container number 3, seriously love this stuff), Digital Detox Bath, Here are all the amazing PURSOMA baths which are all organic, raw and vegan and they all target different concerns or ailments.

3. Tea – if I don’t get a lovely glass of wine to relax with at the end of the day, I reach for a delicious tea. David’s Tea has an awesome fun selection, and here is a post I did on tea last January (see a trend)?!

4. Moderation & Mindfulness – have thus far given up alcohol, though I am headed to Amsterdam next weekend and will drink there. My overall goal is to drink less and take most (more?) nights off. Also, if you have a fun night out don’t beat yourself up about it. We are human and life happens – birthdays, parties, etc and it is important to live and go out and see friends even if it means your diet or goals lapse for one night.

6. Fresh Flowers – they totally brighten up the apartment! I really miss seeing green on the trees and the ground this time of year and work harder to have some plants, flowers and succulents in the apartment!

7. Diet Clean Up – I’m trying to say no to Carbs at least 95% of the time but its cold out there and sometimes you need to have a chicken pot pie on a Sunday in January! I work really hard during the week so I can indulge a little bit on the weekends. We have been eating a lot of Roast Chickens (sometimes grabbing a rotisserie chicken if in a hurry), Stir Fry with lots of flavor, bun-less lamb burgers with a big salad, chicken feta burgers (another recipe, or buy them at whole foods), home-made chicken meatballs and lots of fish.

8. Being Social – Do game night or workouts with friends. Date night on a Tuesday to bring a little fun to a cold weekday night. Reach out to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and catch up. People travel a lot over the Holidays and now is a great time to catch up!

9. Read- I fell in love with the Starz series Outlander and decided to start reading the books that inspired the show. Well, I’m hooked. I started reading the books over Christmas Break and just started book four last night. Curling up on the couch with a great book when its cold out is pretty amazing and is making this month fly by! Also, watching a great tv series is a fun treat at the end of the day – Ray Donovan or The Good Wife are my current favorites.

10. Plan something fun to look forward to this year! We booked a trip to St Barths’ for March on NYE after a couple of drinks. Hoping this will keep me honest health-wise and working towards the a bikini body, at least until I get there.

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