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healthy organic oat bran pancakes | whatsarahknows

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My wedding day is almost here and I am in full blown wedding mode, which is one of the reasons for the lack of posts recently (sorry!). I am working on getting all the last minute wedding weekend details in order and writing lots of thank you notes. I am also in bridal bootcamp mode – yoga, running, Pilates, Barry’s – repeat! I also have kicked the healthy eating into full gear. Luckily in Spring it is always easier to eat and cook healthfully, unlike in the winter when all I am craving is a big bowl of pasta. The farmers market is full of incredible produce and I have found a great healthy routine. I have been loving and swearing by these Organic Oat Bran pancakes for the last 2 months and it has been a breakfast game changer for me. These pancakes are organic, cholesterol free, a great source of fiber and leave me feeling full throughout the morning. I think these have played a key role in my weight-loss and are a great addition to anyones breakfast rotation. Highly recommend!

Organic Oat Bran Pancakes | whatsarahknows

organic oat bran pancakes | whatsarahknows


1.5 Tbsp of oat bran
2 Tbsp of non-fat Greek Yogurt
1 egg white, beaten until frothy
fruit, optional


Mix oat bran and greek yogurt together until mixture is soft. Carefully mix in the beaten egg white. Heat non-stick frying pan over medium heat and pour in mixture and cook for roughly 5 minutes aside or until underside is golden and upper side is starting to dry. Flip pancake and cook other side. Serve is alone or with some fruit on top!


Notes : They recommend nonfat greek yogurt but I have used flavored greek yogurt (such as peach, blueberry and vanilla and LOVED it)! I also have added in blueberries to the mixture and found it to be delightful. I think this Oat Bran can be used in lots of other recipes too!oat bran pancake

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