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Preserved Boxwood Topiary |  Ballon Dog Bookend (more colors)  |  Cocktail Napkins  | Portable Fireplace Scented Candle | Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven |   Cheers Bitches Coasters  | Brahms Mount Herringbone ThrowPearl Bead Napkin Ring  | Fornasetti Room SprayPlacemat (many colors)  |  Handbound Goyard Vintage Books  | Tan Leather Hippo Bookend  |  Puppy Uppers  |  3 Le Creuset Mini Cocottes

For some reason, Spring and Fall are the two seasons that seem to inspire a little home decor update. I think after a Summer spent traveling and mostly outdoors, I realize that Fall is the signal that time outdoors is on the decline. I’m thinking fall/winter dinner parties, cooking in more (my Le Creuset is about to get a workout), and cozy nights under a blanket with a glass of red. I want to make my home feel cozy in preparation for, well, Winter. Comfy throws, lots of lovely items for entertaining, and I love preserved topiaries that add a little green to the home. I know this is not the intended purpose and maybe this is a ‘no no’ but I LOVE the idea of this sheepskin throw as a rug in my bathroom. Also, for all you other apartment dwellers with no fire place, can we talk about a fireplace scented candle? genius! I think the leather hippo bookend is perfect for any den or study. Don’t you think he would be right at home with my leather elephant?

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