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yoga  //  whatsarahknows

yoga mat  (my favorite & best for hot yoga)   |  prana yoga pants (on sale)

I know I have mentioned (can’t shut up about) how brutally cold it is in NYC right now! I dread leaving my apartment to be outdoors and have to mentally prepare for each and every excursion. This is particularly problematic on the weekends, because I have a very lazy Australian Shepherd and an even more motion averse fiancé. They try and succeed to bring my activity levels down, especially during the winter. Luckily, a friend recommended yogaglo an amazing online yoga practice. It is killer and a totally game-changing find for me. Pick your class on length of time, difficulty, how you feel, etc…. the criteria is endless. I have found a lot of classes that work on building your handstand practice, which I am all about! Check it out and you won’t be sorry!




{skirt  |  clutch (in pink)  |  shoes  |  sweater   – freezing for fashion and a date night out}

Downtown NYC  // sunset

{NYC looking stunning from my roof | Looking Downtown}

charleston  //  flower

Charleston flowers  // whatsarahknows

{Charleston, SC  |  my parents backyard two weeks ago! So lovely and wishing this was happening in NYC}

yellowtail jalapeno  / nobu  / whatsarahknows

nobu / whatsarahknows

miso black cod / nobu  / whatsarahknows


{A lovely mid-week date night at the sushi bar | Nobu in TriBeCa}

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