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{Supergolden Bakes shares fantastic and cheerful cocktail | Perfect to kick off the weekend}

{When can I get one of these installed?}

1. I love Ina (The Barefoot Contessa) – I own all her cookbooks and her recipes tend to be the ones I cook over and over again. I just came across The Love List’s Ina Drinking Game and well – queue the DVR! I think I have a plan for the next icky (snowy and cold) weekend.

2. Apparently we are done with the snow yet… I love A Cup of Jo’s 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues.

3. Must love dogs, I got my Australian Shepherd almost four years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Bella, my dog, makes me so happy and totally love and agree with this article on the health benefits of having a dog.

4. Great article and great news for anyone who is like me and sometimes lets their diet or healthy eating habits fall (a little) by the wayside over the weekend!

5. This is what happiness looks like around the world in Instagram photos.

6. The Kitchn has some simple and easy seasoning tips which is great since Valentines Day is just around the corner and I think Steaks are on the menu!

7. My friends sent me this funny youtube video called Try Not Having Kids.

8. Apparently the drink James Bond drank most was champagne (link).

9.Why all women love yoga pant. (elite daily)

10. New Yorkers – here is a map that list the best coffee shops by every subway stop!

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