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{The French Kiss from Julip Made}

{I am obsessed with Barbara Macfarlane’s Maps }

1. The French Kiss, a Valentines Inspired Cocktail from Julip Made that I actually made last Valentines for James and he loved it!

2. Why You Should Never Order Wine by the Glass. As a person who often orders wine by the glass I found this article very eye opening!

3. In a time of year where we are all doing our very best to be healthy this is a refreshing article to read Save the Diet for Spring.

4. Here are some Juice recipes to try from Tasting Table.

5. I am loving Sydney Albertini’s work on paper.

6. I am about to take the Buzz Feed test What City Should You Actually Live in?

7. I love reading this stay at home dad’s post it notes – his tumblr is

8. Christopher Boswell on All Things Pasta -I love Food52 and here are some tips and trick for cooking pasta.

Bella and Cooper | Australian Shepherds

{Bella and Cooper}

Smoked Salmon, Caviar and a magazines

{Happy Friday – Have a little fun and indulge yourself}

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