Maternity Stripes

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dress (under $40) | sandals | sunglasses 

Wednesday has become one of my favorite days because it is the day of the week where my pregnancy turns over and I just hit 27 weeks! I also look forward to reading the Alpha Mom pregnancy calendar every week, which always makes me laugh. Today also happened to feel like Summer in NYC so James and I took advantage of the weather and went out to dinner to celebrate. We headed to our neighborhood favorite Mary’s Fish Camp which is always fun, delicious and located on a particularly gorgeous West Village corner. Its location is so picturesque that I had to take advantage and have James snap a few photos. Luckily, I just happened to be wearing my new ASOS maternity dress. I have not been a fan of maternity clothing in general except for a few brands like storq and Hatch but I just made an ASOS order and am really impressed with what I got. When I am buying these maternity dresses I always ask myself would you wear this if you weren’t pregnant because I want to be able to wear these dresses postpartum(stay tuned if this is actually the case!).


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