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Bella in Bed

{Bella did not want to get out of bed this Monday morning}

Bella on a Monday Morning

Grapefruit for Breakfast

{Grapefruit for Breakfast}

We have all been there on a Monday morning when we are not yet ready to face (start) the week. This morning Bella and I were on the same page when my alarm clock went off and well it seems Bells was still not ready by the time I had gotten out of the shower, made a cup of coffee and was ready to strip the bed. It was pretty comical, and I tried to coax her off the bed, but she simply ignored me and did a bunch of cute poses. I naturally had to run and get my camera to capture this mornings cute shenanigans and share them with y’all.

I have been known to be plagued with a case of the Mondays from time to time, especially after an incredibly fun filled weekend! This past weekend was fantastic too – I was on the committee for The New York Botanical Gardens Winter Wonderland Ball. The gardens are gorgeous, and it was a festive night of dancing and fun that definitely put me in the Holiday spirit!

I have a bit of a Monday ritual that helps me kick off the week to a great start. I always strip my bed and put fresh sheets on, nothing better than getting into fresh sheets after a long Monday. The goal is to workout on Mondays but sometimes life happens and you don’t get the chance, and thats okay too. I do try to always eat healthfully on Monday and usually pick up a green juice in the morning. I also like to pick up fresh flowers on my way at night and find that they instantly provide a pick me up!

New York Botanical Winter Wonderland Ball

{New York Botanical Winter Wonderland Ball}

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