My Essentials

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  1. Coffee Shop:Jacks on West 10th! I go at least once a day
  2. Splurge Lunch Spot:sushi omakase lunch at 15 East – amazing
  3. Neighborhood Dinner Staple:hmm… lots but dell’anima has always been our go to
  4. Breakfast Spot:Cafe Cluny – it is pretty perfect in the morning
  5. Meet for a drink:Uptown: The Surrey / Downtown: Cole’s of Greenwich Village
  6. Brunch:Joseph Leonard – its a brunch party there and it’s James’ favorite spot
  7. Workout:Yoga. Prana Power Yoga or Moda Yoga
  8. Shopping:Bergdorf Goodman (ahh the shoe department) and Intermix
  9. Wine Store:Terry’s West Village Wine and Sherry Lehmann
  10. Dinner Party Recipe:Ina’s filet of beef bourguignon- its perfect for fall and its really delicious!!
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