October Home Purchases

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1.Petrified Wood side table 2.Hermes Avalon Blanket 3. Mud Australia Bowl 4. Le Creuset Dutch Oven 5. Les Asperges Blanches Kitchen Towel Garnier-Thiebaut 6. David’s Tea Travel Mug 7. Penguin SodaStream 8. Taschen’s New York Book 9. Le Blanc Linen Wash 10. Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash Aesop 

A round of some recent home purchases this fall. Fall in New York, in my mind, is about as close to perfect as any time and place can be. I love sweaters, boots, the crisp air, fall colors, and the feeling that you can pop into some cozy restaurant and catch up with friends that have been traveling all summer. I think New Yorkers come back to the city in the fall ready to relax, catch up with friends and enjoying the city.

Firmly in the midst of my favorite season, my ideal day is spent walking around the city (cup of warm coffee in hand or travel tea mug filled with David’s Tea) and night is spent cooking at my apartment with friends. I purchased my first Le Cresuet in college and it is still going strong, but over the years I had added a few more colors and sizes to my collection. I know these pots will last me for years and the best meals I have ever cooked seem to have come out of them. In the fall and winter, not much makes me happier than simmering my bolognese sauce all day long in a Le Crueset on the stove (the smell in the apartment all day and later the satisfaction of eating with people you love while it’s chilly out)!

The penguin soda stream was a recent gift, and it has been a game changer. I am a big sparkling water person – I drink it all day long. After a hard hot yoga class nothing is as refreshing as soda water! With this machine, you can control the amount of bubbles you like which has been fun to play with and if possible made me enjoy drinking sparkling water more…. Another huge bonus – never again when cocktail hour arrives will I be sprinting out to my local bodega because I am out of Perrier.

A year into living in my apartment, the decorating is still going and I am always looking to add things to make this apartment more and more my home. I wash my sheets in Le Blanc linen wash, and it has this amazing smell that makes me look forward to crawling into bed at the end of the day! I have had my eye on the Hermes Avalon blanket for years and finally caved this fall, and I know it will never go out of style. I want you to know the blanket has lived up to all my expectations, and I feel very chic under it with a book and a glass of wine.(It also comes in an amazing orange box!)

For those of you who live in New York, I am sure you have seen the Aesop Stores springing up literally everywhere! I believe the West Village now has at least two of them – they are fantastic and I love their somewhat apothecary / masculine label. Not only does it look good but the hand soap smells amazing and is great for hand dryness. (Hello Winter!)

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