Palm Trees

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Does an outfit ever just make you happy and brighten your mood? This palm dress instantly puts my mind in vacation mode, even if I am just wearing it around the city. I love something I can just throw on and be done with, this is especially true in pregnancy. What is funny is this photo was taken when I was around 21/22 weeks pregnant and I can tell you I look nothing like this now – I have popped! The dress still works for me, but there is no mistaking that I am in fact very pregnant. I have to say people in New York have never been nicer! People let me cut in line for the bathroom, offer me their seat on the subway, hostesses at restaurants are more accommodating and get us to our table faster and strangers just smile at you and are friendly, it’s lovely. I am currently 26 weeks and plan on sharing my experience with my first & second trimester soon on the blog. The pom-pom tote in some of the pictures I have put in the nursery and am using it to hold baby boy Johnson’s swaddles blankets – a very multi-purpose bag!  These photos were taken at the Venice Canals and at the Bel Air Hotel, where we had an incredible lunch.


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