Pantry Favorites

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Yesterday, I cleaned my entire kitchen and pantry. It was a very long, overdue task. Checking expiration dates, going through spices, consolidating flour and sugar – all that fun stuff! The result of a clean kitchen and pantry is so amazing though! I was going to share a picture of my very clean white kitchen, but I am putting in new lights over my island and wanted to wait to share the finished results, so stay tuned.

Below are some fun specialty and pantry staples that I have in my kitchen. My pantry musts are chicken (or vegetable stock), good quality olive oil, good sea salt, pepper grinder, dried pasta, a few vinegar’s, canned tomato’s, rice, spices, soy sauce, sriracha¬†and mustard. James and I are obsessed with ghost pepper salt and put it on almost everything. Check out the Kitchn – they have lots of great articles on stocking and cleaning our your pantry.

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