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Paris in the Fall

{Paris in the Fall}

Paris in the Fall

{Île de la Cité and love locks}

Paris - view from the Louvre

{View from the Lourve}

Paris | Looking to Île de la Cité

{Île de la Cité – even on a grey day Paris is beautiful}

Paris | love locks

{Love locks in Paris}

Paris view of the Tour Eiffel

{Tour Eiffel}

Odette Paris

{Odette Paris}

Just a few more Paris pictures – I promise I am exercising restraint in the amount of photos I put up from the trip! It was all just so beautiful and really every day there we spent the way a day is meant to be spent. Did the coffee taste better too? Is everything better on a vacation?

We would get up in the morning have coffee, croissants, cheese and fruit because in addition to the Sunday rule – calories don’t count on vacation (duh). We would then spend the whole morning walking around and exploring the different arrondissements, getting lost in Paris. We would then pop in for a late afternoon lunch with wine! A leisurely lunch with wine on a cold day is about the most fantastic thing ever – no one was in a hurry and some red wine and a french bistro on a cold day is my idea of heaven.

After our lunch we would walk around some more until it got dark and then guess what? Time for dinner and more wine! Please take me back!

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