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Paris | whatsarahknows | maje ombre skirtParisian Red \ whatsarahknowswhatsarahknows | Maje Ombre SkirtParis | whatsarahknows | maje ombre skirtParisian Red | whatsarahknowswhatsarahknows | paris

Ombre Skirt | Black Tank | Heels | Lipstick (Parisian Red) | Sunglasses

I wore this on our last night in Paris when we went to dinner at Elsworth. We had a fantastic meal there, though to be honest, the vibe felt more like a restaurant we would find stateside. After over a week of lots of delicious (and very rich) French food, this was a nice change of pace and the food really was delicious. Before dinner, we had drinks at the Hemingway Bar, which was really fun and their cocktails are fantastic! I plan on getting a lot of mileage out of this skirt and wore it here, when it was still warm but will later pair it with a leather jacket, sweater, or body suit (lots of possibilities). I promise you will be seeing it again.

Also, Shopbop is having a huge Event of the Season Sale! Use the promo code MAINEVENT16 at checkout – the sale starts today and runs until October 15th. Winter will be here soon enough and I have had my eye on this Canada Goose jacket for awhile, and this sale is the perfect time to scoop one up before the cold weather arrives.

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