Salmon Fillets with Wasabi Coating

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Salmon with Wasabi Coating  | what sarah knows

I adore wasabi and the flavor it adds to food. Once I start eating wasabi peas its incredibly hard to stop! I wanted to play around and kick up the taste on salmon because we eat a lot of it and I am always looking for ways to spice it up. Waiting in line at Trader Joe’s I saw their Wasabi Mayo and thought a little would be amazing baked on top of salmon. I have included a recipe from scratch if you can’t get Trader Joe’s Wasabi Mayo. I even kick up Trader Joe’s by adding a little bit of cumin. I love wild rice and thought a beautiful piece of wild salmon over wild rice was the perfect weekday meal.

If you are choosing to serve over wild rice – cook to package instructions and be aware wild rice usually takes roughly 45 minutes to cook!


2 salmon fillets, preferable wild

salt and pepper

Wasabi Coating (if you don’t have Trader Joe’s)

2 tablespoons mayo

1/2 teaspoons cumin

1 teaspoon wasabi paste or powder

Preheat oven to 350

Wash the Salmon and pat it dry and season with salt and pepper. Heat ovenproof frying pan and after roughly five minutes when it is hot drop in the salmon fillets skin side down. Turn the salmon after five minutes when the skin is nice and crispy (browned). Take the pan and salmon off the heat and turn the salmon again so the skin is down.

Spoon wasabi coating on the top of the salmon and put the pan in the oven to cook for about 10 minutes when the coating begins to brown. Serve over wild rice.

*Notes* I like a small coating of the wasabi on top! I am not really a mayo person but really enjoy the flavor of this dish.

Wild Salmon

Salmon with Wasabi Coating | what sarah knows

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