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This morning I woke up to snow, and my immediate thought was Snow Day. I think its hardwired in our heads since childhood – snow equals no school, no work. This may be because I grew up in Charleston, SC and even the idea of snow caused the city to close up shop, but I am happily stuck with this association. I love when it’s snowing and when you wake up and see the fresh snow fall, after that in NYC it is kind of downhill. It gets pretty icky pretty fast. My dog is not helping along this problem because her favorite thing to do is pee in the snow – I have no idea what that is about.

Anyway this morning, I thought a lazy morning in bed in my pajamas sounded pretty perfect. Put on some Christmas music, brew some coffee and cook some pancakes for breakfast! Inspired by a holiday coffee at my favorite WV spot Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee I like to mix a little hot cocoa into my coffee, so yummy!

I love pajamas and in the winter find them to be a particularly cozy must! A great gift for yourself or someone you love! I love Eberjey Pajamas – they are cozy and come in a lot of different styles. I have a summer pair (shorts with a short sleeve top) and a more winter friendly pair. I find the fabric to be perfect for feeling cozy and warm but never unbreathable and hot.

Equipment now has tres chic and very expensive silk Pajamas. I do not own a pair so I can not say how comfortable they are, but they are some seriously stylish sleepwear.

J. Crew has a ton of Pajama options – sets, shirt-dresses, bottoms, top, robes and is an array of colors and fabrics! Check out all there sleepwear here. I love and own a lot of their sleepwear even a few of their onesies – haha (I attached proof from a Holiday Party a few years ago)

Charlotte & I in our JCrew Onesies

{Charlotte & I in J.Crew Union Suits aka Onesies}

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