Solid in Stripes

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solid in stripes solid is stripes

solid and striped

solid in stripes



solid in stripes

Dress  //  Shoes (old but similar)  //  necklace  //  trinity ring  //  bracelet

I have a slight obsession with stripes. When I am shopping and I see something in stripes I always try it on. While at home, I tried on this dress at Hampden Clothing with my mom and she said I needed to get it (okay, twist my arm). It is so comfortable and very versatile, easily taking you from day to night. I could have just as easily paired it with flats for a day of walking or traveling. Speaking of traveling, this will be a dress I use when I travel and want to arrive looking stylish. The sleeves are great if you get cold and all you do in the morning is throw it on and it looks fantastic! You don’t need to add a lot to this outfit, I really think it can stand alone. I bought this dress because I knew it would be a solid staple in my closet, but it has gotten me a lot more compliments than that “hot” dress I splurged on… Isn’t that funny how that happens?

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