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Mulberry Plantation

Mulberry Plantation

joggling board times

{I don’t think their is anything better than an afternoon drink on the joggling board}

trip down south

James enjoying the porch


{Very civilized cocktail hour on the front porch}

Bella at Mulberry


bella relaxing on the front porch


Bella being a country dog

Bella thoroughly enjoyed escaping the city and getting to be a country dog for the weekend. I almost think Bella was the saddest to leave and have to fly back up to New York.

Shooting Sporting Clays




{A trip to the South had to involve shooting some sporting clays & a pistol or two}

We woke up on Saturday morning and went to shoot sporting clays at nearby Heritage Farm Shooting Sport and later went and tried shooting some pistols at a target! Don’t worry, we were all well supervised!

porch times




On Saturday night the guys were in charge of grilling and they cooked hot dogs, steaks and burgers. We had an Imperial of red, one large bottle that is the equivalent of 8 bottles, to hold over our big crowd at dinner!

group picture




Last weekend my parents hosted my friends and I in South Carolina for a fun weekend in the country. We all happily left NYC’s “spring” behind for some truly warm and gorgeous Southern Spring weather. We enjoyed a weekend full of time spent outdoors, lots of food, bourbon and fun. I meant to take more pictures because it is gorgeous down south in the country this time of year, but having too much fun that I forgot to carry my camera around. Here is a little glimpse into our southern country escape.

southern spring flowers

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