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Spring Edit | whatsarahknows

blue dress | straw bag | earrings | striped dress | espadrilles | anti-aging moisturizer | hat | luminizer | clutch | tote with pom poms | sunscreen | shoes | shoulder bag | sweater | shorts (under $40) | book | floral essence | pjs

I can’t wait to put away all my winter clothing, mainly because most of it no longer fits and none of my jackets zip over the baby bump. I also love warm weather and have been missing the sun this week. Though last Friday and Saturday were spectacular weather wise. I think these shoes can brighten up anyone’s days, who doesn’t love brunch and I can say I really miss brunch cocktails! I have cleaned up my beauty game since becoming pregnant and have also become somewhat of an expert on body lotions and creams, in an effort to avoid stretch marks. My favorites body lotions/oils are OSEA, MIO Tummy Rub Oil, MIO Tummy Butter, de Mamiel and Santa Maria Novella products. I slather all the above on multiple times a day, and couldn’t recommend them enough.

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