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I’m slightly obsessed with flowers and would happily and very easily keep my house chock full of flowers at all times. It is an expensive hobby I try not to indulge. There is no better cure for the case of the Mondays than going out and buying fresh flowers and coming home and arranging them with a glass of wine! Luckily for me (and my wallet), I discovered and fell in love with succulents. I have mostly live succulents that I have found at random flower stores around NYC. Added bonus: they are fairly indestructible and seem to last forever. The one in my bathroom I have had over a year – don’t ask me how… They should be watered once a week and they don’t need a lot of water – a spray bottle of water or an ice cube will do the trick. Succulents also like sunlight and will do best when they are placed near a window. Shop Terrain has an incredible selection of real and faux plants that they will deliver in gorgeous packaging to your home, wherever that may be. West Elm is also a great resource for great home botanicals. Here are a ton of Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees – love them! I love this post about putting a Fig Tree in every room and I could totally get on top of this trend.

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