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Cocktails at Mother's Ruin


Mother's Ruin


I love Sunday – It is my favorite day of the week! I find it incredibly relaxing because I rarely have plans, obligations or work and I can usually spend the day doing whatever I want. Another big bonus for Sunday is that calories don’t count, so I try to enjoy the day guilt free.

Two weeks ago was a gorgeous day that involved the Washington Square Park dog run, lots of walking around downtown and some window shopping on Bleecker Street. I also ended the day in the most epic and delicious fashion with drinks at Mother’s Ruin and pizza at one of my favorite spots in the city, Rubirosa! Reservations at Rubirosa are not always the easiest to come by, but I have found that if you get there and put your name down the wait is never too long and it is totally worth it! There are tons of excellent options nearby to grab a drink while you wait for your table, my favorite being Mother’s Ruin for an amazing craft cocktail or The Grey Dog for a beer. Everything is amazing at Rubirosa and you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. That being said, my favorite pizza hands down is the Vodka pie. And you know the proverb “Sunday wellspent brings a week of content.” Totally true

Sunday night at Rubirosa

Rubirosa Salad
{Rubirosa Salad}

Vodka Pizza with Sopressata

{Vodka Pizza with Sopressata}

Rubirosa Pizza

Rubirosa Pizza


Rubirosa Pizza

{Vodka Pizza & The Tie-dye, heartshaped pizza with pesto}

Rubirosa Pizza

Walk home through Soho

{The Walk home after dinner through Soho}

West Broadway

{Walking up one of my favorite Streets, West Broadway, towards the WV}
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