Thanksgiving in the City

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Thanksgiving Table | What Sarah Knows

NYC Apartment Thanksgiving | What Sarah Knows

Thanksgiving already seems like a distant memory as the December countdown to Christmas marches on. Thanksgiving this year was made more special by the fact that my parents (plus Cooper, the puppy!) came up to NYC to spend it with Bella and I.

I was also thrilled about my Cosy light from  The Urban Electric Co. which was designed by the insanely talented Michael Amato and delivered while I was in Paris! These may not be the best photos I have ever taken, but I really wanted to show you the whole picture of the table set with the Cosy light hanging above.

Thanksgiving was a rush this year because I flew back two days before just in time to pick up the food and do some prep work. Adding Holiday decor seemed to slip my mind and this was the first Holiday held at my apartment. Nevertheless, I was able to throw together this table based on things I had in my apartment and I think it came together very well. I wanted to share with you a little glimpse of my Thanksgiving, and I hope you all had a fantastic one too! Sorry for no food photos, I forgot to take pictures!

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