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Bar Styling & Essentials | whatsarahknowsI would say the most important part of your bar is to make sure you are well stocked! I also believe you need to have the correct vessel for your cocktail. I love William Sonoma , I think I get all of my glasses from them, and Sur La Table, another go-to for me. In terms of style, bars are the best (whether it is a bar cart, a bar room, closet, or even just a tray), when they are accompanied by some cocktail essentials! I am constantly redecorating my bar, though certain essentials always remain. A well stocked bar always has a mix of a light and dark Rum (Mt. Gay), Vodka (Titos), Gin (Hendricks), Tequila (Herradura), Cointreau, Vermouth, Angostura Bitters, Whisky (Jack Daniels), Scotch (Dewars, although it looks like we are out) and if you live with a bourbon fan, a ridiculous amount of “brown water”.  I also love to buy specialty items for making unique drinks. A couple of my favorite things to mix with are Aperol and Crop Cucumber Vodka. In terms of Non-Alcoholic accoutrements, I love some lemons, limes, club soda, cocktail napkins, ice bucket, martini shaker, olive or nut bowl and flowers. A bar is like a grown-ups candy store – we are immediately drawn to it so make it even more fun and appealing! I love to mix it up on the bar with different materials, old vintage items, new favorites and keep it interesting. I highly recommend checking out Chairish which is an amazing site where you can buy and sell vintage decor and accessories (they have some amazing bar carts)!

Bar Cart |  whatsarahknowsThe Art of the Bar | whatsarahknows

The Art of the Bar  |  whatsarahknows

Fornasetti Appetizer Bowls | Jack Rudy Tonic Syrup |  Cocktail Napkin  |  Cocktail Picks  |  Cocktail Shaker  |  Ice Tongs  |  Simon Pearce Pitcher | Moscow Mule Cup |  Roll Up Bartender Set |  Ice Bucket  | Heavy Large Ship’s Decanter  |  Tumblers (tons of styles and colors available) 

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Looking for a great cocktail to serve at your next party? I highly recommend checking out The Boykin Rose Special  an easy to make drink that is perfect to do for a group (or alone) and highly addictive (in the best way possible).

The Boykin Rose Specialty CocktailBRS {Boykin Rose Special} | Cocktail


2 Parts Vodka
1 Part St. Germain
Squeeze the juice of 1 Lime
Fresh Mint, chopped


So simple – Add the juice of 1 lime and some chopped fresh mint to a martini shaker with the Vodka, St. Germain and some ice. Shake shake shake!


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