The Best Fresh Margarita

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fresh margaritas

limes for the margaritas



I love a good Margarita, but there are a lot out there that are just not for me. I am not a fan of any Margarita mixes or anything overly sugary or syrupy. I love fresh Margaritas that are a little tart and made of high quality tequila and fresh squeezed juices or fruits. Going to College in Texas and many vacations in Mexico may have made me a bit of a snob on this particular cocktail, but once you have an amazing fresh margarita you never go back! This is actually my mom Margot’s recipe and she ordered it a few times at a restaurant they frequent in the summer. Other patrons at the restaurant started ordering Margot’s Margarita even when she wasn’t around and the restaurant put on their menu as “The Margot-rita”. I updated her recipe slightly by throwing in slices of  jalapeño because I love the heat. Hope you enjoy!

These margarita’s are perfect for any occasion – I have recently had them in a more casual setting with my fun margarita glasses but also dressed them up in a more fancy classic cocktail glass!

cutting limes



The Fresh Margarita

Fresh Lime Juice
Tequila (Herradura Tequila), or good quality Tequila
Fresh Orange Juice, dash
Jalapeño, sliced with seeds removed (optional)

For each Margarita mix equal parts (1.5 ounces) fresh lime juice, Tequila, Cointreau and a dash of orange juice and place it in a shaker! Shake, Shake, Shake – icy cold with ice crystals is the best. Pour into martini glass, margarita glass, or pour it over the rocks – however you fancy your cocktail! I then add in two slices of jalapeño for a little kick

the best fresh margaritas

fresh & fun margaritas

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