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park avenue tulips


I called the Upper East Side home for my first three years in New York and I am always struck with a little nostalgia when I spend time uptown. This week a mid-morning appointment brought me to the UES and I happily took advantage of my time in the old hood. I conveniently scheduled my appointment so that is would end around lunch time. Does everyone not plan their day around meals? I crossed over Park Avenue and decided to walk through Central Park on the way to grab a quick bite to eat. I have a lot of favorite UES spots but decided since bathing suit season is upon us I would go for a healthy option.

Upper East Side Townhouse

Upper East Side Townhouse

Park Avenue Tulips

{Gorgeous Townhouse on the UES & Tulips on Park Avenue}

central park | whatsarahknows

central park | whatsarahknows

central park | whatsarahknows

Central Park Zoo

central park zoo

{Quick stroll by the Central Park Zoo}

I knew Rouge Tomate would fit the bill for a healthy lunch uptown and that I could easily grab a seat at the bar. I am a huge fan of solo dining and have been doing it for years, nothing better than a good book, a lovely spot and some great food. Rouge Tomate is conveniently located across the street from Barney’s and is a great option for a healthy meal in the midst of shopping. My mom and I have been dining here for years and while it does have a corporate feel (and may be recognizable from Gossip Girl episodes), the food is very good.

Mocktail at Rouge Tomate

{Refreshing & Tasty Mocktail}

carrot gazpacho

rouge tomate

{Carrot Gazpacho &  Hawaiian Walu Ceviche}
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