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Welcome Drinks | Paula LeDuc

Our tasting at Paula LeDuc Fine Catering was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had! I do not know where to even begin describing our time there because the food was out of this world good, the presentation stunning, the wine and cocktails delicious and the people were amazing!

The entire experience was perfect. We arrived at noon and we were greeted by the nicest people along with a tray of rosé, minted ice tea, sparkling water and raspberry lemonade. We had the best time trying the hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, wine, dinner and late night snacks. I could not be more excited about Paula LeDuc Catering the wedding,and their incredible team I get to work with!

Short Rib Beggars Purse | Paula LeDuc

{Braised Shortrib Beggars Purses} 

smoked salmon cones | Paula LeDuc

{Smoked Salmon Cones}

peking duck tacos | Paula LeDuc

{Peking Duck Tacos}

gourges | Paula LeDuc

prosciutto cups with mozzarella and tomato jam | Paula LeDuc

{Cheese Gougére & Crispy Prosciutto Cups}

Bourbon & Beer Cocktail | Paula LeDuc

cocktail | Paula LeDuc

cocktails | Paula LeDuc

vesper cocktail | Paula LeDuc

{We sampled three delicious cocktails}

Paula LeDuc Tasting

goat cheese salad| Paula LeDuc

mt tam cheese salad | Paula LeDuc

{Tasting salad options for the wedding | both amazing}

tenderloin filet | Paula LeDuc

{Tenderloin with Manchego Mashed Potatoes and Haricot Verts}

pigs in a blanket | Paula LeDuc

{Late Night Bites | The best Pigs in a Blanket I have ever had and I have had a lot}

ice cream cones | Paula LeDuc

{Mini Ice Cream Cones for Late Night Bites}
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