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For all you brides-to-be out there, I wanted to share my experience in finding the perfect shoe for my wedding day. I agonized over which shoe to buy, part of me really wanted to be like Carrie Bradshaw (embarrassing I know) and wear this shoe.  Unfortunately, I felt this shoe was more like a fancy fun New York wedding and not quiet right for our outdoor Napa nuptials. I also knew although while my dress was long, I was planning to change into a shorter dress – in order to really dance my ass off – which would actually make my choice of shoe visible. You spend so much time on all the other details of your wedding, that you can’t forget your feet and trust me you want those shoes to be comfortable. Plus, it’s an opportunity to add a new shoe to your collection or to really individualize your wedding look and make it special to you! I ended up picking this Chaos Manolo Blahnik sandal because I already owned it in gold and knew that I would be comfortable wearing it all night and that I would wear it again. I have actually worn it a ton and every time I do it reminds me of my wedding day, which as you can imagine always make me happy! I have included some of my favorite bridal shoes below, including the ones I wore which are on super sale.

Sylvie Gil | Manolo Blahniks | whatsarahknowsSylvie Gil | WhatSarahKnows

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