Week One in Charleston

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I know – I kind of disappeared for a week (or two), but I was having the best time in Charleston! The weather was warm and the sun was shining (most of the time) and I just wanted to spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible. This was my first vacation of 2014 and the first time I had left New York City all year. With the winter we have had I was fairly desperate for an escape. While I may not have been blogging, I was collecting a lot of material for the blog. I did lots of dining out, cooking in, walking around and tons of photos were taken! I am now back in NYC with thousands of pictures just added to my computer and wanted to start sharing with you! Hope you enjoy and I am so happy to be back!

I love Charleston it is a gorgeous city to live in or visit and definitely worth checking out if you have never been. Charleston will always be home to me and I wanted to give you  a small tour of my hometown with more photos coming!

Tory Burch, Joie, Charleston

{Lots of walking in Charleston | Loved the Spring weather – Tory Burch shorts & Joie Shoes}

Charleston, South Carolina

{Flowers where in full bloom at home in Charleston}

Bella soaking in the sun

{Bella Soaking up the Sun}

Taco Boy Charleton

Basil Charleston


{Taco Boy and Basil two of my favorite lunch spots in Charleston | Hello outdoor seating}

Charleston, South Carolina, Flag

Charleston South Carolina


flowers on Queen St. Looking to St. Phillips

{Spring in full bloom & view from Queen Street looking towards St. Phillips}

Broad Street Charleston

{Broad Street in Charleston}

Rainbow Row Charleston

{Rainbow Row in Charleston}

Happy Aussies

{Two very happy Aussies}

walking the dogs in charleston


{Best way to end a long day of walking around | Glass of wine outside on the terrace}

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